Alexa, How Do I Use You?

voice controller use in 2017

Hesitant about buying a voice assistant? Not sure what you would ask, or when or where? According to  IFTTT, a site dedicated to writing code recipes for connected devices, here’s what most people do with their or Google Home assistants.   thanks, IFTTT

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What Is A Home Automation System and How Should You Grow One?

Controlling your smart home automation system

There are about as many ways to set up your smart home automation system as there are homes. You can start with an overall plan and fill in the devices you need to carry out that plan, or you can start with a couple of devices and wind up with a houseful in two or […]

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Comparing the Amazon Echo and Google Home Controllers

comparing Amazon Echo and Google Home

The number of smart devices that can be used for the home is increasing. Whether you are slowly converting your home into a smart home, or are designing a new smart home for you and your family to enjoy, there are numerous smart home devices from which you can choose. These smart home devices can […]

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Setting the Scene for a Smart Home Day

Setting a smart home scene on a cell phone

In our quest to keep everything about buying your smart home automation products as simple and smart as possible, we try to avoid getting technical. But there are three things you need to understand to become a great Smart House Manager: What protocols are and how they determine what smart home products you should buy […]

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Wink vs. SmartThings Hubs

Wink vs SmartThings Hubs

Let the battle of smart hubs begin! With all the smart devices that can be bought for our homes, we need a reliable, but inexpensive tool to help us to control multiple smart home devices. By connecting all the smart home devices we have at home, it will be simpler and easier to make the […]

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